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Maria Montessori with a student

"The greatest of the human personality begins at the hour of birth, so education must start from birth."

"The education of a very small child does not aim at preparing him for school but for life."

"Education is not something which a teacher does, but it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in human beings. The first thing a child’s education demands is the provision of an environment in which he can develop the powers given him by nature."

"The secret of good teaching is to regard the child’s intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown, to grow under the heat of flaming imagination."

- Maria Montessori

About Us

Sunrise Montessori Goals

In the tradition of Dr. Maria Montessori, our school is committed to providing the finest in early childhood education. Our goal is that each child attending our school will develop the following assets:

  • Independence
  • Self-direction
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Feelings of membership and responsibility in a social group
  • Interest and joy in learning and living

Preschool and Kindergarten Goals

The purpose of Sunrise Montessori School is to introduce children to experiences which:

  • Provide a warm and loving environment in which each child feels secure, respected and loved.
  • Support and encourage the growth and development of the whole child.
  • Develop social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination, as well as cognitive preparation.
  • Help build self-confidence, self-esteem, and motivation.
  • Foster the natural desire to learn.
  • Develop freedom within limits.
  • Develop and refine each child's sensory motor skills.
  • Lengthen each child's attention span.
  • Enable each child to move smoothly and purposefully.
  • Encourage the development of creativity in each child.
  • Provide a framework of discipline through which each child can develop self-discipline and personal strength.
  • Provide an environment with safe limits in which each child can become an active explorer and learner.
  • Provide opportunities for each child to develop social grace and courtesy.
  • Develop skills in observation, questioning and listening.
  • Prompt order, coordination, concentration and independence.
  • Refine and develop each child's physical and mental capabilities and interest as they expand.
  • Help develop self respect, respect for others and for the environment.

School and Family

It is one of the primary goals of the Sunrise Montessori School to create a home away from home for your child. It is vital that the relationship between the school and the family be a close one. This relationship grows through:

  • Conferences - scheduled conferences are held with parents during the school year to discuss the progress and development of the child
  • Observations - parents are strongly encouraged to schedule time during the school year to observe their child in the classroom.
  • Progress Reports - progress reports are presented in November and May of each school year.

Parent Participation

Sunrise Montessori School recognizes that parents are the child's primary and most important teacher. Because of this we encourage parent participation throughout the school year. There are many options as to how this time is given. Both in school and at home activities are available.


The word discipline is derived from "disciple" which means teacher. Therefore the purpose of discipline is to teach the child acceptable ways to handle various situations. Even a very young child can understand the cause and effect of his or her actions.

We at Sunrise Montessori School recognize the dignity and worth of every human being within the school. We want children to develop a positive self image and respect for themselves, others and the environment. We believe that by treating the children with fairness and respect, they will react in kind.

Adults in the classroom model a positive, caring attitude at all times.

The Peace Rose

The Peace Rose method of problem solving allows children to recognize and express their own feelings as well as learn respect for the other child's feelings. A vase holding the peace rose is made available to the children at all times. The children are taught how to handle and care for the Peace Rose. When a conflict arises one child will get the Peace Rose. While holding the Peace Rose the child can express what they did not like or how they feel to the other child. When they are done they pass the rose to the other child. Respect for the other persons turn to talk is stressed. The children are encouraged to use "I" words such as "I didn't like it when you hit me". Abusive or unkind language is not used when holding the Peace Rose. When the two children reach a solution or simply get over their difficulty they put their hands on the rose and say, 'we declare peace', or 'friends'. The Peace Rose is a highly successful tool in conflict resolution for the young child. As the children grow older they will use the Peace Rose less often but will continue to express themselves and listen to their peers when discussing a problem.

The Peace Rose method was specifically developed for the Montessori classroom. This method encourages children to be independent and to attempt to solve problems effectively with little teacher intervention. The Peace Rose uses very simple actions to help young children be independent and successful. The Peace Rose Method gives the children the opportunity to practice problem solving skills in the school environment but under controlled conditions. Because the children are taught that the Rose may not be used in combination with verbal abuse or physical aggression it is an excellent way for them to practice. Although the Peace Rose can be used when needed, it must be used respectfully and with care. There are specific guidelines that the children must follow when using the Peace Rose. This concept runs parallel to that of the Montessori philosophy in that there is freedom within boundaries. The Peace Rose maintains this philosophy which helps validate it with the children. Consistency in our Montessori classroom is imperative to the success of our program.

Click here to read an excerpt from the Master's Thesis Project: Problem Solving in the Pre-Primary Montessori Classroom & The Peace Rose Method by Maggie Natzel.

School Accreditation

Licensed by the California State Department of Health, and membership in the Professional Association for Childhood Education (PACE). License #310318640

Anne Binder is a lifetime member of the American Montessori Society (AMS).

Products Used On Site

Sunrise Montessori School does not use any chemicals and or pesticides. We use The Norwex microfiber cloths and products.

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